Pourquoi les femmes osent moins entreprendre que les hommes ?

Pourquoi les femmes sont plus frileuses à se lancer dans l’entreprenariat ? C’est ce que nous allons découvrir dans cette vidéo 🙂

Créer mon entreprise a été l’aventure la plus palpitante de ma vie, et je vous souhaite à tous de vivre cette fabuleuse expérience. vous trouverez des conseils dans cette vidéo pour vous aider à vous lancer.

Avec bienveillance,


Entrepreneurship is becoming popular, especially in our western cultures. But the majority of entrepreneurs are men. Let’s find out what keeps women away from building their own businesses.

If you are a French speaker, you will find an explicative video right here.

“Good pupil” syndrome

In other words, perfectionism. Women tend to wait until everything is perfect, they go deep into the details and want to make sure there is nothing wrong. The only problem is, while trying to create the perfect offer, they don’t launch, don’t try, and don’t get any feedback.

To know if a business or a product will work, you have to validate with your niche, to benchmark but also to analyze feedback. And you cannot get feedback unless you put your product/service on the market. The best way to start is to create a standard product and test it on your niche, to see if it matches its needs.

Imposter syndrom

This is not necessarily a women syndrome, but most women who don’t dare creating their business experience this syndrome. The imposter syndrome is a psychological pattern in which one doubts one’s accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.

Your brain is constantly thinking “why me ? are my products too expensive ? I don’t have legitimacy…” and it stops you from trying. The imposter syndrome can be turned down by working on your thoughts, with a mindset coach for example or through meditation and positive affirmations.

Professional vs Personal life balance

Some women are fearful of starting their businesses because they heard somewhere that being an entrepreneur is incompatible with having children or with a personal life, because of the quantity of works it requires. Of course, you will have to work a lot, but you can manage to keep a balanced life by getting more organized, and by delegating. Before launching your company, save some money, and don’t be afraid to invest.

Establish a budget, and dispatch it between trainings, freelancers you will hire, advertising and so on. Thus, you let experts deal with techniques, and you focus more on what you really know and like to do.

Fear of technique

Another limiting belief, specific to women, is that as they think they do not know nothing about technical tools, they won’t be able to create a website, a sales funnel etc.

But once again, you don’t need to know how to do everything. You just need to delegate to those who know.

Don’t want to sell

Some women do not feel comfortable by selling their products. It is very related to the imposter syndrome. They feel sharky or salesy, so as building a business is also selling services or products, they will give up before even trying.

Once you understand that being an entrepreneur is also creating value, then you don’t feel bad about exchanging this value with money.

Comparison and Competition

Too many women are still comparing, and competing with others while they should help and ask for help. This is a mindset problem that can easily be fixed once we understand the power of female connections.

To sum up, our brain is built to protect us and stop us from going outside of our comfort zone because it means danger. But if you take back control of your brain, and you manage risks, you won’t be in danger.

Entrepreneurship has been the most exiting journey I took and I really don’t regret anything. I wish you to find the courage to start creating your business and grow.

With gratitude,



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